Dr. Laura A. Belsten, PhD, MCC is an executive coach specializing in leadership, management, communication, and social + emotional intelligence.

She has successfully supported C-suite and senior-level executives one-to-one and in teams for almost two decades in private practice as an executive coach, team coach and facilitator, and strategic consultant. She specializes in working with her clients on strategy development and refinement, leadership development (including Leader as Coach), results-focused change management, and more. She also supports her clients in developing personal skills such as negotiation and powerful influencing, interpersonal and political skills, working with difficult people, improving personal power, conflict management, emotional intelligence, executive presence, building trust, delegating, motivating and coaching others, providing honest and effective feedback, personal and professional resilience, stress management, and time management.

Prior to becoming a coach, Laura spent 25 years in various executive and leadership positions in the private and public sectors, and has, in addition, been on the faculty of the University of Denver for 25 years, teaching graduate courses in leadership and communication.

In addition to 1:1 and team coaching, Laura facilitates executive and Board retreats, leads energizing, customized team-building and leadership development sessions, and designs and conducts comprehensive organizational assessments.

Dr. Laura is also the founder of the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence, an international educational and research institution that trains coaches and HR professionals on coaching social + emotional intelligence, with over 500 trained coaches worldwide.