Special Topics

Activating LeadershipSpecial Topics

1. Hiring and Staffing

Learning how to recruit, screen, select, and on board technical staff is critical to creating an expert team to deliver results. This module will explore the best practices for hiring and staffing a top-notch team.

2. Team Development Powered by Better Practice™

Getting your project or functional team up and running fast is critical for delivering results.  Better Practice™ is a unified management and team performance model developed to build reliable and sustainable project team performance faster and easier. Its purpose is to help you and your team identify and objectify the things that matter together and manage them with grace and agility.

3. Project Change Management

Major technology projects often succeed or fail not just due to the technology itself, but because of effective change management. Participants will learn how to effectively manage sponsors and stakeholders, and how to ensure processes, work teams and communication are designed to support technology implementation.

4. Diversity and Inclusion 101

Diversity of experience, styles, and thinking enables tech leaders to develop creative solutions to customer problems, but it is often overlooked in the corporate environment. Participants will brainstorm methods for increasing corporate resilience and creativity by embracing and nurturing diversity up, down, and across their organizations.

5. Fostering Creativity and Managing Innovation

Managing innovation and fostering creativity are essential in the technology space if a company is to maintain its competiveness in a global marketplace. This workshop will teach participants specific tools and methods that will help them foster a culture of innovation in their organization.

6. Women and Leadership

Women in technology companies often hit the glass ceiling at lower levels of leadership. This module will help women understand the differences between how men and women tend to think and talk, which is critical to effective and accurate communication that promotes rather than stalls their career. Women will learn how to embrace their authentic voice and integrate empathy and authority into their leadership style.

7. Gender intelligence

Despite the number of women in the workforce, corporate leadership models tend to be oriented toward men, resulting in an enormous waste of leadership potential. This module will explore the common behavioral and cultural differences between men and women that lead to fundamentally different solutions. Participants will learn how to create a robust hybrid culture that integrates the best of each.

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