Foundation Modules

Foundation Modules

1. Leadership Foundations

Certain core leadership competencies tend to be underdeveloped in tech leaders, who can hit the ground running much more effectively if these are addressed early on in their management careers. The Foundations module addresses the importance of effectively managing people to achieve team objectives, and lays the groundwork for understanding how each core competency is important in increasing leadership competence and effectiveness.

2. Motivating Tech Employees

Employee engagement is critical for driving the commitment to excellence, but many leaders do not understand the critical elements involved in motivating their people. This module will explore effective tools and approaches that motivate employees to meet or exceed organization objectives and help participants have a better understanding of how to create a culture of excellence.

3. Delegation

When workload balance is out of control, a lack of effective delegation is frequently the culprit, and many early stage leaders do not realize how critical it is to delegate. This module outlines the major steps involved in effective delegation, including clear task assignment, holding others accountable, and providing feedback and evaluation. It also includes how to have difficult conversations when a direct report’s performance does not meet expectations.

4. Political Savvy and Influence

Many tech leaders prefer to avoid organizational politics and don’t understand how critical the role of political savvy both in getting work done and in getting ahead. This module helps to de-mystify concepts such as organizational culture, structure and organizational agility, so that participants understand why, and how, they can get more done through informal networks and cross-functional connections.

5. Building Effective Teams

Most organizations are highly reliant on an effective team structure, sometimes dynamically building and then rebuilding team interactions depending on task. This runs counter to what many tech leaders learned in school, where they operated more independently. This module will explore effective team creation, including common but difficult situations such as utilizing people who don’t officially report to the tech leader, who don’t know each other, or who are working remotely in other cities or countries.

6. Managing Personality Differences

Leading people requires an understanding of how personality differences affect communication and how they affect overall effectiveness. Participants will learn how to understand their own style, and the styles of others, so that they can leverage personality differences to motivate, manage conflict, and reduce stress.

7. Effective Communication

Many tech leaders underestimate the importance of good communication in getting work done through others. Participants will learn why effective communication is so important, why it is difficult, and how to do it better.

8. Conflict and Collaboration

Many leaders avoid difficult conversations, fearing that they will be time consuming or painful. This workshop offers a productive model for dealing with conflict. Participants will learn how to operate more effectively in moving through conflict to a win-win outcome and how to implement the seven steps of collaboration.

9. Developing Direct Reports and Others

Leaders who do not understand the importance of developing their people end up with followers who have trouble thinking strategically or creatively and cannot move up in management. This module will help participants learn coaching and mentoring tools that aid in the growth and development of their direct reports.

10. Managing People Through Transitions

To thrive is to embrace change, but change is often pushed back in favor of the familiar. This module will focus on articulating the methodologies and best practices for successfully leading technological and business change by understanding the human side of transition management.

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