Advanced Modules

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1. Measuring Leadership Effectiveness

Highly effective leaders know their strengths and weaknesses through being open to assimilate feedback from others. This module guides participants through their own 360 assessments and helps them create a robust personal leadership development plan from which they can be coached and mentored.

2. EI/SI Concepts and Theory

Social and emotional intelligence is just as important to effective leadership as functional and technical expertise, and it is a learned skill for most people. This workshop will benchmark participants’ skill levels in 26 competencies and coach them to be leaders that others want to follow.

3. Using Emotions to Improve Personal Performance

While most people regard their emotions as frequently inhibiting their performance, it is actually possible for emotions to improve one’s performance. This workshop teaches participants to identify “performance derailers” that inhibit personal and professional success, how to “decode” the message beneath each major emotion, and the most productive actions to take in response. It is based on a revolutionary new scientific theory of human performance, known as the TENOR™ Method, developed by the Institute for Adaptive Mastery.

4. Controlling Your Workload

Everyone has trouble with out of control workloads from time to time, and some have trouble routinely. This module will deliver tips and tricks to balance the load, including learning to delegate, collaborate, work through systems, and create more effective processes, so that more time is spent in balance.

5. Thinking Strategically

Developing a strategic perspective is what separates average managers from top leaders. Participants will learn how to recognize the big picture, develop a shared vision, and align their organization around robust strategies that deliver results.

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