Jim Marsden supports people and organizations through transformative shifts. Throughout this process, he guides people through experiential learning that shifts perspective, deepens understanding of our humanity and our relationships; and then, from these new vantage points, fosters individual and social innovation with authentic expression. Those who experience these shifts, or journeys, often express a sense of new vitality and possibility, grounded in the realities of one’s current situation. The “data” may not have changed, but the stance from which we see and engage the world has. This shift in vantage point often fuels innovation, design breakthroughs and personal and collective growth.

He leads projects, experiential workshops and training focused on leadership development, customer-centered innovation, cultural and personal transformation and the human experience of transitions. He works with high-tech corporations, health care, education systems, government agencies, start-up organizations and multi-sector efforts. Jim is invited to speak on topics of innovation, design thinking and transformative change and has presented at many gatherings and venues including Yale University, Michigan State University, and Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Clients range from corporate, non-profit, government and community organizations and include:

• Unilever

• Frazier Healthcare (largest regional healthcare provider in British Columbia)

• Nova Scotia Public Health Authorities

• Coca-Cola Global

• DigitalGlobe

• Michigan State University – Doctor of Education Leadership program

• University of Colorado – Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

• The Early Childhood Investment Corporation of Michigan

• Naropa University – Authentic Leadership, and Wilderness Therapy programs (MA)

His academic credentials include an MA in Organizational Management, a BS in Mechanical Engineering, a BA in Physics and advanced certification in business management from the London Business School. He has also completed extensive coursework and training in dialogue, design and innovation.

Jim is also a wilderness guide and leads nature-based programs that support personal and collective growth and bringing one’s unique gifts and voice to life. He is married, the very proud father of two daughters, and lives in Colorado.